Quality Operators for Garage Doors and Entrance Gates

    Made in Gemany - EcoStar operators are robust and low maintenance thanks to the use of weather-proof, durable material, ensuring lasting operation. The EcoStar operators provide your home with safety certified by TÜV in accordance with DIN EN.

    Garage door operator LIFTRONIC

    Garage door operator LIFTRONIC for up-and-over doors and sectional doors

    Super-quiet toothed belt technology
    EcoStar LIFTRONIC operators open and close your garage door with a minimum of noise. In contrast to chain-guided operators, greasing and oiling are not required.

    Reliable automatic safety cut-out
    The door stops automatically if it encounters an obstacle. As a result, this function provides the highest level of safety against trapping.

    Easy to fit
    LIFTRONIC operators can be quickly fitted without any problems to all up-and-over doors and sectional door.

    Guaranteed safety
    EcoStar LIFTRONIC operators have been tested and certified individually and in combination with all EcoStar and Hörmann garage doors in accordance with European standard 13241-1.


    Max. pull force 500 N
    Door size up to 7 m2
    Boom to clip together
    Incl. 2 hand transmitters


    Max. pull force 700 N
    Door size up to 9.5 m2
    Pre-assembled boom
    Incl. 2 hand transmitters
    Incl. internal push button


    Max. pull force 800 N
    Door size up to 12.5 m2
    Pre-assembled boom
    Incl. 2 hand transmitters
    Incl. internal push button
    Incl. radio code switch

    Entrance gate operators PORTRONIC

    Entrance gate operators PORTRONIC  - for hinged and sliding gates

    Reassuring safety
    EcoStar entrance gate operators offer increased security, as they work safely during all opening and closing phases. The gate stops if it encounters an obstacle whilst the (optional) contact photocells will detect persons and objects, providing additional safety.

    Pleasantly quiet
    EcoStar entrance gate operators open quietly and reliably. The gate
    opens without a jolt and gently brakes before fully closing.

    Well prepared
    The operator control is already prepared for the connection of useful
    accessories such as photocells, warning lights, or outdoor lighting.

    In case of emergency
    Your EcoStar entrance gate operator is also well-equipped to deal with a power failure: An easy-to-use emergency release opens the gate without a problem.


    Hinged gate operator

    Max. pull force 800 N
    For double-leaf gates
    Gate size up to max. 5 m (2 x 2.50 m)
    Incl. 2 hand transmitters
    Synchronous opening if gate leaves have the same width
    Opening of just one gate leaf for pedestrians
    Also available as a PORTRONIC-D 2500 version for single-leaf gates

    Sliding gate operator

    Max. pull force 600 N
    Gate size up to max. 4 m
    Incl. 2 hand transmitters
    Partial opening of the gate e.g. to allow pedestrians to pass